Three20 is alive

Three20 I raised concerns about the general lack of direction and the confusing state of the Three20 framework with this blog post a week ago. After a long period of silence, it looks like Jeff Verkoeyen, one of the lead contributors of Three20, has spoken. He made this post on Three20 discussion group last night. He is back on the project after a hiatus and will be devoting personal time (10-15 hours/week) towards the Three20 project.

Some highlights of the post include:

  • Clean up the morass of websites that the Three20 project team maintains
  • Clean up the code and migrate to a modular model
  • Call for more content contributors and coders to help grow the project

Awesome, I have really gotten used to the Three20 programming model and API after 3 projects, and it’s good to know that the project is alive and going somewhere. All this is good news. Welcome back Jeff.