Starting over again

I was introduced to the world of blogging by fellow classmates Yoav, Matti, and Ilana at MIT in 2005. Back then, I was motivated and had plenty of materials to blog about – the new life as a student and the thought-provoking discussions we had in class. I maintained a blog about the SDM and TPP programs at MIT.

Then I went away to Asia in 2007 and haven’t actively blogged since then. Microblogging in the form of tweets became my online personal journal. Articulating and writing in 140 characters was infectious especially for busy people who still want to maintain an online presence. I haphazardly updated this blog for almost 3 years. Like weeds taking over a lawn after years of neglect, this blog too was dilapidated and was in dire need to an overhaul.

Today I have decided to give it fresh start. This means throwing away all the previous posts I had posted. I know it’s a pity to throw away of years of materials but really want a clean break this time. I want to come up with a new format and design structure supporting the new direction. The site will have a minimalist design, the posts terse, and an overall user experience that is visual-driven. I will be experiment with a couple of theme designs, layouts, and writing styles the next few days.

Credits: WordPress icon by Phan Van An