MobyFab and our first app

When I returned to the US after a three year hiatus in Asia, I started MobyFab, an small independent software vendor (ISV) and consulting company in Cambridge, MA. We started the company by creating two custom iPhone apps for our clients. But today our app VSS Food Guide, which we developed in close collaboration with the Vegetarian Society (Singapore), was approved by Apple and is now available on iTunes. This is a momentous event for us as VSS Food Guide is our first iPhone app we released on iTunes.
MobyFab is already busy developing the next iPhone app, a virtual counter clicker utility app. I am performing “final polishing” and QA testing at the moment, and hope to submit the app for approval sometime next week. After the release of the new app, I will be returning back to developing custom apps for clients. MobyFab will be developing an location- and social media-based app for an early-stage startup in Cambridge.