First milestone for my startup and back to a normal routine

It’s been a while since I last blogged. I have been busy the last 2 months developing an photo-based browser and capturing tool of online classifieds for my startup Invantory. The good news is that I have finally released the app to the App Store yesterday and is now waiting for approval from Apple (finger crossed). There are still a lot that I need to do in order to get the product to the form and state we had envisioned. The 2 most pressing tasks at the moment are getting the camera feature incorporated into the app by the end of the month and developing the web application (very basic function) for release next month.

My work/sleep schedule the past month has been pretty messed up because of the project. Each day, I went to bed later than I did the previous day. Apparently, I tend to get in the zone only during the wee hours of the night after my wife has gone to bed. Since visual design and coding require long, uninterrupted time to perform, it was hard to stop working at 1-4am, especially that’s when I am feeling most productive. For this reason and the aggressive deadline, I often end up going to bed after sunrise. Working this way has its benefits. It’s the time of the day when it’s really quiet and best of all, no distractions – no phone calls, no incoming emails, and far fewer tweets and Facebook updates. I actually get very productive during this time. But there are drawbacks. I feel my biorhythm was out-of-sync and find my energy level low. This schedule isn’t really sustainable and not good for my health in the long-run.

Now that the app is released, I am getting back to the normal schedule and have a more balanced routine.